We believe that nobody should be left behind due to dyslexia. Our mission is to make accessible to everyone a reading assessment tool, with measurable results, which will help improve the quality of the treatment process.


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Let’s help all students reach their potential

With eyeRadar you can be sure that nobody is left behind. Children with reading difficulties, and more specifically with dyslexia, often spend many years struggling in school before receiving appropriate professional support.

EyeRadar can be easily deployed in schools and become an important asset to change this situation and offer earlier support to those at risk of long term reading difficulties.


Increase your school performance

Identify effectively which students need attention & how they can get help.

Understand in depth the factors which are causing the abnormalities.

Provide insights to parents & therapists to build targeted treatment plans.

Increase average class performance by helping all students reach their full potential.

Our 360º assessment support.

Provide you with communication material

We will help you communicate effectively the assessment, its importance and its benefits to the parents and students.

Onboarding parents

We can organize a webinar to present the assessment tool and the procedure to the parents and answer all their questions.

Assess the children

The eyeRadar assessment needs only a room and less than 15 minutes per child to be completed. We will also provide all the human resources and the equipment needed to perform the assessments at your school.

Create in-depth reports

After the assessment we will decode the data and create a thorough summary of the findings available and ready to be send to parents.

Whether you want to learn more, ask a question, or simply say hi, we are looking forward to hearing from you.