We believe that nobody should be left behind due to dyslexia. Our mission is to make accessible to everyone a reading assessment tool, with measurable results, which will help improve the quality of the treatment process.


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eyeRadar’s unique abilities

Objective & reliable

More than 95% accuracy

Fast & non-intrusive

Certified by European Union

How eyeRadar works.

Eye movement tracking while reading.

The child sits in front of a screen and reads age specific texts of increasing difficulty.

Eye movement analysis with deep reading and AI.

An eyeRadar specialist uses deep reading analysis and Artificial Intelligence to analyze the reading session.

Report at word level

Our comprehensive report which includes among others reading evaluators, focusing, reading data, and 25 more parameters, provides therapists with valuable insights to create a laser focused treatment plan for each child.

Assistance to treatment plan.

By repeating the eyeRadar assessment in parallel to their treatment plan, therapists will get a clear picture of the child’s reading difficulties progress and the areas they need to focus.

Do you prefer watching to reading?

Watch our 3' explanatory video. Sounds interesting?

After 10 years of scientific research we are in a position to provide you with the most in-depth report of the reading proficiency.


    Let’s help all students reach their potential.

    With eyeRadar you can be sure that nobody is left behind. Children with reading difficulties, and more specifically with dyslexia, often spend many years struggling in school before receiving appropriate professional support.

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    Assess reading difficulties with eye tracking & AI.

    When it comes to reading, you are able to pinpoint the areas for improvement in minutes. eyeRadar captures the eye movements while the child reads silently an age specific text enabling you to gain access to valuable insights in only 15 minutes.

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    Provide your children with a reliable dyslexia assessment.

    eyeRadar is objective. The only response we measure is the eye movement signal and thus provides a natural means to objectively assess the reading process as it unfolds in real-time.

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